Testimonials tell you better

You can read all of the other pages on this website about what I can do for your business. Testimonials tell you what I have already helped other companies and business owners achieve.

I was particularly satisfied with the way you helped me to think outside the box, and the structure you gave me to stay on track to implement my new ideas.

As a result of our work together, I received the Best High Achiever Award from the Sales and Marketing Executives of Chicago for the Year 2001. I am currently one of the top performers in the financial planning business. And I have more tools that I use every day to stay in better rapport with my clients and provide them with better services.COE logo

Chad Coe, RFC President
Coe Financial Group, Inc.

“…From my point of view, your top strength is knowledge in the field we are working in… The specific areas of your work that made a difference for me included your getting back to me consistently; you were organized, and worked with our schedule. This made a difference for me in that you kept us on the ball. It allowed us to get the work done quickly. You efforts resulted in a business plan that allowed us to achieve our main goal (our financing). I would tell other people that you motivated us to get the job done. You provided high value for our dollar.”GC Realty Inc.

Mark Ainley,President
GC Realty and Development LLC

“…Your  advice had a positive impact [on the way I lead]. You explained the why we do something as well as the how we do it. It gives me clarity in my leadership…You encouraged me to do what was right and what was needed…The impact is that I have more clarity around ‘the what’ that I am doing and ‘the why’ that I do it”SiGNA strategy & consulting

Colin Christensen
Signa Strategy and Consulting

“…As I look back, I can observe that our work together has had a profound impact.  As you know, I’m much more confident and less stressed.  I feel as though I have better ideas, plans, goals, and that I’m a better leader.  The bottom line is that I’m achieving more business. My projects have more value and impact. My projects are completed! Your  recommendations have  helped me to achieve greater results with my existing resources.  This year, on a regular basis, we are handling an average of 10 projects, more successfully, than the 5 projects we handled on a regular basis last year. There is also the potential to achieve more with my existing structure in place.

My clients are satisfied, and my relationships are maturing. I’m also leveraging the power of my business unit.  In this regard, I was selected to serve on a corporate-wide committee where I established personal relationships with peers and top management. As a result my organization contributed to the corporation achieving the desired goal of the specific initiative.

On a final note, I recently received the best performance evaluation of my career. This is likely to have consequences as far as potential for promotion and future compensation, bonus, and assignments are concerned”

Michael M.
Marketing and Sales Information Systems Professional
Telecom Industry

“Your work in Understanding the root cause of my communication issues and your skill in working through these issues is to be applauded.  Your preparation, ability to listen and offer up the right questions for me marked the real strengths of your approach.  You assisted me to pull out the insights needed to make breakthroughs.  You did a fantastic job at that.”

Jim KaiserCasentric
Commercial Auto Claims Leader
Currently CEO, Casentric

“I was specifically satisfied with the fact that you are an expert strategic thinker and impressed with your leadership skills. You have a genuine concern for my personal and professional goals, and the ability to blend both the personal and professional focus for my desired end goal.  You have the ability to manage the consultation with persistence while having flexibility with ever changing priorities.  You contribute new ideas and approaches to challenges in the corporation from an outside perspective.  Through you, I have discovered the importance of relationship management and how crucial relationships are for success.  No matter what business we are in, it is all about relationships…”

J. Klimek
Perfection Machinery Sales, Inc

“I am a work-in-progress. Being an independent business owner is the toughest thing I have ever done in my life, but yet it has and continues to be the most rewarding.  You are constantly teaching me the importance of being efficient, finding new opportunities, and capturing those moments when I know growth is occurring.

Thank you Chuck! Please continue to direct and guide me through these days of being an independent business owner!”

Erik Marzinke
Investment Advisor
ProMark Planners, Inc.

“You’ve been able to provide a significant amount of value especially during the last few weeks.  Coming out of the gate, I found it challenging to see the big picture. Through your process, I’ve gained clarity to what we’re trying to accomplish and valuable tools to keep us on track.  I have my specific piece that I’m tasked with, and both my partner Jeff and I can hold each other accountable. It’s going to be a fun journey, especially the next 6-9 months as we develop our own processes and habits while incorporating the tools from Business Builder.”

Sean McCaffrey
Success Partner
The Success Partners Group

“Whenever I have a challenge, you listen, and have a great process for handling the challenge without criticizing. I always know that I will feel better because we have a process that takes me through the problem. You never criticize. That always amazes me! It is not a role you take. You always take the high road. It is a rare art. You are very good at that.

Initially I was unsure about the value of the coaching process,  but it has exceeded my expectations. Most recently we dealt with the corporate restructuring of our company. The office I supervise was involved. It was a very stressful time for me; and, with your help, I got through the challenge successfully. I’m 110% satisfied with our work together, and more so. You have helped me to define my key objectives, as well as what I need to be doing day in and day out. There are many responsibilities in running a successful Real Estate office including: agent recruiting and retention, garnering listings, and, overall, increasing the office revenue. You have helped me to reach a hundred percent of my objectives. As a result, our office is having a record year in sales.”

John Mc Clintock
Former Branch Manager
Coldwell Banker

“…All in all, I can honestly say that you’ve helped me take my professional game to the next level—developing collaborative (vs. competitive) relationships to get the job done.  Thank you very much for your guidance.  I wish every senior manager could be so fortunate to work with you!”

Dean Newsome
Site Director
Global Logistics Organization

“Upon reflection, I realize that most of the management tools I routinely use originally came from our sessions.  I have always respected the level of professionalism as you keep me focused on the matter at hand when it would be so easy to just listen.  You are a gentle, yet persistent task master and I have profited both personally and professionally from your insight and experience.

For me, perhaps the most effective process is talking through the issues that are on my mind. Usually, by the end of our conversation, I have articulated the challenge, focused on the underlying issues, and sketched out an action plan.”

Jack O’Brien
Security Networks (formerly of Siemens Building Technologies)

“When I undertook to utilize your services as a business advisor, I was badly adrift in the prioritizing of my various tasks, both business and personal. Without focus, I could not seem to use my time well, and would bounce from crisis to crisis without making any headway on the overwhelming mountain of urgent matters facing me.

Our work together did several important things for me: 1.) It made me think through what really was important among the various tasks clamoring for my time and attention; 2.) It did this by making me think through what is important in my life at this time; 3.) It gave me new insights into the dynamics of how I function; 4.) It equipped me with a variety of techniques to stay on message in the midst of competing and insistent demands; 5.) It persuaded me that in fact I could get in control”

Ted Swain,Logo
Retired Partner
Gould & Ratner, LLP, attorneys at law

I was specifically satisfied that you provided me with a confidence boost that I could do the job that I was not necessarily trained to do. You provided me with support and strength as my family and I moved through the changes required as a result of my closing my medical practice and taking on the full-time CEO position. I was able to establish a strong belief in myself. The impact is that I am still here, after 6.5 years as CEO, 8.5 years in management.

I just signed a new 3-year contract to continue in my present role. I am stronger regarding the ups and downs of management. I am better able to deal with my colleagues who want to lay a guilt trip on me if they do not get their way. I have also grown in the position. I’ve come to respect that I am doing an honest and intelligent job and that I am doing the best that I can.Elmhurst Logo 08-28-2015

Don Hoffman, M.D.
Past CEO
Elmhurst Clinic

“I believe that the reference points, tools, take-a-ways, materials, exercises and articles that you provide make you unique among business coaches. I continue to review my workbook and find useful reminders and resources. What I specifically found satisfying about our work was the filtering (or different perspectives) about my situation. It allowed me to come to grips with the anxiety I had.

As you will recall, I felt intimidated by the lack of trust I was experiencing among my peers. You helped me through those issues. I also appreciated the tools, take-a-ways, materials, reference points, exercises and articles, mentioned above. As a result of our work, I have more self-awareness of my developmental areas. Blind spots were recognized; it opened my eyes to areas I needed to work on. I then took a position with another healthcare organization. As a result of my efforts, we have improved the financial position of the corporation by millions and millions of dollars.”

Steve Voss
Former CFO
Elmhurst Clinic

“As a result of our work, I  am being comfortable talking to more people about the business, sounding comfortable and concise.  I am bringing more people into the fold…”logo2

Taylor Love
VP Investor Relations
Fleisher Smyth Brokaw

“I especially appreciated the way you quickly presented a variety of management tools and examples of how other people used them. I picked the ones that will work for me. Your method worked with my style. As a result of the work we did I am able to implement a more thorough decision-making process. I utilize the leadership style that is right for the situation. I set clear expectations for my staff. I keep adding to my “Lynn processes”. I have the tool set to build the “A” team. I have become more comfortable about giving feedback to staff. I have a process to stack new opportunities that is based on my values.”

Lynn Barney
Marketing Director
Financial Services Industry

“You helped me look at things from a different perspective. You helped me develop a personal strategy that allowed me to develop long term goals and short term strategies. I was able to stay the course through the sale of our organization to my best advantage. The sale of the corporation resolved a number of relationship challenges and provided me with a bonus. I have accepted a position with the purchasing corporation. I will be integrating the two companies. It is the kind of work I like to do.”logo3

Shaun O’Brien
Cargill Investor Services

“The summer we worked together was one of the best summers of my adult professional life. I had time to spend on my own growth. I had time to indulge in the program that you had laid out…I will always appreciate knowing and working with you. You are an excellent adviser and I admire your commitment to  professional development.”

Tomasina Stephon