More Profit More Freedom is passionate about helping business owners achieve significant growth as people and as business professionals. As a result, their businesses naturally expand as well.
As a trusted advisor with over 29 years of experience, Chuck Scharenberg has helped hundreds of business owners across the US achieve remarkable growth in their businesses, as well as, guiding the business’ employees to achieve more.



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Let’s face it; running a business is not easy. Growing a business is not easy. Turning a vision into reality is not easy. If you have passion, dedication, and are serious about it, that can make it easier. Let me use my 29 years of experience to help you make it more attainable by equipping you with the structures, systems, and insights necessary to achieve your professional goals.

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Let me help you answer all of these questions and more. I help people get what they want from their businesses. I help them grow their business and sustain more profit and more freedom in a way that is consistent with who they are and their commitments in life. In short, I provide the infrastructure that supports business leaders’ vision and dreams. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to learn more about me and my methodology.


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