Not just growth…Large-Scale Growth 
As a trusted advisor with 30 years of experience, Chuck Scharenberg has helped hundreds of business owners across the US achieve remarkable growth in their businesses, their employees, their profits, and themselves.

When you grow, your business grows 
More Profit More Freedom is passionate about helping business owners achieve significant growth as people and as business professionals. As a result, their businesses naturally expand as well.

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Customizing Large-scale Growth Solutions for Small Business

Let’s face it; running a business is not easy. Growing a business is not easy. Turning a vision into reality is not easy. If you have passion, dedication, and are serious about it, that can make it easier.

Let Chuck use his 30+ years of experience to equip you with the structures, systems, and insights necessary to achieve your professional goals.

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Happy Clients


"Specific areas of Our work together that made a difference for me included you’re getting back to me consistently; you were organized and worked with our schedule. This make a difference for me in that you kept us on the ball, allowed us to get it down quickly. The impact of your work resulted in a business plan that will allow us to achieve our main goal and objective: a business loan for $750,000.00."

Mark Ainley, Commercial Real Estate Broker

"You have helped me to define my key objectives, as well as what I need to be doing day in and day out. There are many responsibilities in running a successful Real Estate office including: agent recruiting, retention, and overall increasing the office revenue.  You have helped me to reach a 100 % of my objectives. As a result, our office is having a record year in sales."

John M, Residential Real Estate Broker/Manager

"This year my income has been consistent for each quarter. Consequently, my Income from commissions is up 25% over the previous year. This has increased my self-confidence. I believe that my business will continue to grow at double digits each year."

Eric Marzinke, Financial Planner

"As our facilitator, you kept track of the details while not losing sight of the big picture. Our organization has transitioned from a seat-of-the-pants approach to replicable activities and processes. I now see a way for me to make a graceful exit from the organization."

Stan Piskorski, Windy City Professional Speakers

"In the year that we worked together, the Clinic successfully moved 75% of its operations to a new building, within a 6-month timeframe. We also achieved compliance regarding medical records completion requirements. Since then we have successfully dealt with the many challenges facing a multi-specialty group practice. Personally, I shed 35 pounds, and my family has adjusted to my management role."

Don Hoffman M.D., CEO Multi-Specialty Group Healthcare Practice

"Since our work together, my practice has flourished. I have gained new clients, maintained longer lasting relationships with existing clients and have added a support person to help me in the administration of my growing business. Additionally, I have assumed the leadership of a professional association and have increased its membership, revenues, and program quality."

Dennis B, Marketing Consultant

"What I specifically found satisfying about our work was the filtering (or different perspectives) about my situation. It allowed me to come to grips with the anxiety I had.  You helped me through those issues. I also appreciated the tools; take always, materials, reference points, exercises, and articles. Because of our work, I have more self-awareness of my developmental areas. Blind spots were recognized; it opened my eyes to areas I needed to work on. Because of my efforts, we have improved the financial position of the corporation by millions and millions of dollars."

Steve V, Chief Finance Officer, Multi-Specialty Group Healthcare Practice

"I especially appreciated the way you quickly presented a variety of management tools and examples of how other people used them. I picked the ones that will work for me.  Your method worked with my style.  As a result of the work we did I am able to implement a more thorough decision-making process. I utilize the leadership style that is right for the situation. I set clear expectations for my staff.  I keep adding to my "Lynn processes". I have the tool set to build the "A" team. I have become more comfortable about giving feedback to staff. I have a process to stack new opportunities that is based on my values."

Lynn B, Marketing Executive

"Regarding your services, what made a difference for me was the action plan.  Having a goal and defining what the goal is, then I can actually plan. I broke these things down: what is my goal, what do I need to accomplish it, and what action am I at? Before I was shooting from the hip. Now I can sit down and think through things before I start reacting to things. It is making my job easier; I am getting feedback from below. There has been a 65-70 % improvement in efficiency. We are still short personal, and we are still getting the job done. I have more time to communicate with the people and they appreciate it more; and the bosses appreciate it more. We are working more as a team instead of as fire department. Now I can help my people take the time to do things right. The traffic will be smooth!"

Henry Martin, Government Agency Supervisor

…Your  advice had a positive impact [on the way I lead]. You explained the why we do something as well as the how we do it. It gives me clarity in my leadership…You encouraged me to do what was right and what was needed…The impact is that I have more clarity around ‘the what’ that I am doing and ‘the why’ that I do it.

Colin Christensen

I was particularly satisfied with the way you helped me to think outside the box, and the structure you gave me to stay on track to implement my new ideas.

As a result of our work together, I received the Best High Achiever Award from the Sales and Marketing Executives of Chicago for the Year 2001. I am currently one of the top performers in the financial planning business. And I have more tools that I use every day to stay in better rapport with my clients and provide them with better services.

Chad Coe, RFC President


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Do you want your business to Thrive? We start where you are now to help your business Thrive one customized step at a time.

Source: Strategy & survey of more than 800 senior business leaders, PWC (Price, Waterhouse, Cooper), 2010 -2015