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Produce, Vacation, Repeat

Much like Wash, Rinse, Repeat, we think it should be Produce, Vacation, Repeat Sheila needed a vacation and she told everyone, “I really need a break.” She then went on a cruise to Alaska. While on the cruise –she broke her arm! -I know that that wasn’t what she intended. Yet her words predicted that…

Give the Customer What They Want

Give the Modern-Day Customer What S/HE Wants! “‘Give the Lady What She Wants!’ is a famous quote by Marshall Fields, the pioneer Chicago real estate legend. He had it displayed on a sign above his desk in his office in the store he built in 1887.”(furniture world, volume 145 number 2 March/April, 3/24/2015, Joe Capillo) This…

What’s the plan? Tell me what’s happening!

Where the #@$%&! are we going? Do we have a plan? Dave has had years of experience in military operations and is now in the business of developing systems to distribute fuel to the military.  He provides strategy for new systems for energy distribution where systems have not existed before. Consequently, much of his work…

Conscious Competence

Dana Achieved Conscious Competence! Dana is a man who has successfully managed a logistics support business for 25 years.  He and his crew haul machine parts and other products to shipping ports and airports. Dana is an example of someone, like many of us, who possessed unconscious competence.   In other words, he did a fabulous job, yet he…

How to overcome ambivalent

The Antidote to Ambivalent Jeff is the owner of an electrical contractor company.  He and his organization are known as the can do, problem solving people. Recently Jeff was hit with an internal problem that caused him to pause. He discovered that a sales manager “Tom” had committed a felony in the past in the…

Don’t Just Plan. Plan and Adjust Continuously.

Plan and adjust continuously, we don’t have a blueprint. When planning a building, how long might you expect it to last? 25 years? 50 years? Buildings of substance are planned to last for 50 years or more. Why? It is very often legally mandated. Why? If the building is faulty, someone could be killed. The…

Meet Your Customers’ Needs; Be A Trusted Advisor

Let me be your Trusted Advisor! The term Trusted Advisor is being used currently in both business and personal situations. In short, a Trusted Adviser is someone who has the Knowledge, Attitude (or Compatible Values), Training and Experience to be trusted by individuals to provide advice that will address a specific need. A Trusted Advisor…

Ignorance is not Bliss when it Relates to your Success

Are You Ignorant of Your Success? Your success may be compared against this story. Meaghan has a business of managing and disposing of environmental waste for other businesses.  As you can imagine her company is flourishing amidst the expanding need from a variety of businesses for her services.  Her major challenge is staffing.  Currently, one…

What a Difference! Listen Louder

Are you ready to make a difference and Listen Louder? More business owners are on to the idea of asking more questions of both their customers, their staff, and their vendors. As they listen louder they are able to do better and better business. The challenge is to use questions that encourage the other person…

Entrepreneurs or Intrepreneurs

What is the difference between Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs? In these wild economic times the workers of the world are falling into two categories: Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs.  As you have probably noticed, more people are becoming Entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses.  More precisely these are the people who assume a risk for a reward, to…


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Source: Strategy & survey of more than 800 senior business leaders, PWC (Price, Waterhouse, Cooper), 2010 -2015