Vision, Mission, Values, and Kaizen

Vision –

Building Business Structure | Supporting Your Dreams

Mission –

To support business owners so they can achieve their goals, dreams and commitments in life.


Everyone needs some values to hold dear. These are ours:

  • Be Accountable – Do what we say and clean-up our mistakes so people can count on us. Stand true to our word and deal with the consequences.
  • Develop Balanced Relationships – Work with clients one step at a time. Grow the relationships slowly as the work develops. Seeing where people are to provide the best value.
  • Dare to venture – Play in “what’s possible.” Stretch people’s thinking. Tap human capability. Flush out new ideas. When something is not working or when something looks scary or when there’s a possibility for a new possibility, start the conversation so that someone can think outside the box.
  • Act with Integrity – We align our actions with our intentions. We walk our talk. We listen for alignment with clients. We get them to align their actions with their talk. We support them in this so that their business can support them.
  • Focus on Results – Develop measurable client outcomes. Monitor progress regularly. Listen for what is needed. We set-up what success will look like at the beginning and then have periodical check-ins. We set goals to attain what needs to get accomplished.
  • Always be Learning – Listen for evolving needs. Seek out new methods. Improve our deliverables constantly. Learn from each client. Learn and cooperate in a changing world. To evolve as a person so that we can continue to create a sustainable world.



“As a Trusted Advisor, I have a passion for helping people get what they want”

Trusted Advisor Chuck ScharenbergChuck Scharenberg is passionate about helping business owners achieve significant growth as people and as business professionals, and as a result, their businesses naturally expand as well.  Being a trusted advisor, Chuck has helped hundreds of business owners across the US over the last twenty years achieve remarkable growth in their businesses as well as their people.  By using his systematic approach, his years of experience in a variety of industries, and his highly attuned listening skills, Chuck has been able to assist business owners and executive’s not only grow their businesses, but become better, stronger leaders.

According to his clients, working with Chuck provides you with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity, and a deeper awareness of their leadership strengths and challenges. They say he has a rare ability to help business owners create a culture of collaboration.   His ability to not just listen, but to really hear what you are saying, is one of his best attributes.

Trusted Advisor Chuck Scharenberg, has worked with companies across many sectors including technology, financial services, insurance, biotech, accounting, real estate, telecommunications, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, law, and healthcare. His knowledge in these and other industries serves his clients well.  Chuck works within the realm of universal truths, experiences, issues, and solutions.  The challenges of leadership are unique to leaders. Business challenges span all industries.

As a director for the Chicago office of Kaizen Consulting, he has helped hundreds of business owners achieve significant growth. Chuck is known for his systematic approach and his ability to help business owners grow into stronger leaders.

Chuck has designed his own business systems to work  productively so that he now has more freedom to enjoy the things he loves. He is an avid bicycle rider, cross country skier, ethnic cook, reader and fitness enthusiast.  He also enjoys travel adventures with his family. He can help you to get what you want out of your business as well. Ask yourself: “Does your business serve you?”

Chuck Scharenberg helps his clients get more profit and more freedom.

What you need to know about Chuck Scharenberg

Chuck Scharenberg is traditional with a twist. If you were to design a room and call it Chuck, it would be clean and simple, but with colorful pillows.

As a source for your business growth, Chuck provides wisdom, knowledge, depth, clarity, expertise and insight. He is genuine, ethical, authentic, wholesome and exhibits integrity. As your protector, he is compassionate, generous, warm and extremely helpful.

The History

He has served as a director, Operations Officer and CEO of major healthcare corporations. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Business from the University of Iowa and a B.A. from Regis University (Denver, CO). He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a graduate of the B-Coach Systems business coaching certification program.

 Associations/ Affiliations

Officer of Organizational Development Network Chicago for four years

Active in the Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) policy committee and SBAC Now (which coordinates investor pitch sessions).

Past President of Windy City Professional Speakers

Professional Certified Coach with Coach Federation