listen louder

What a Difference! Listen Louder

Are you ready to make a difference and Listen Louder?

More business owners are on to the idea of asking more questions of both their customers, their staff, and their vendors. As they listen louder they are able to do better and better business.

The challenge is to use questions that encourage the other person to share what is really important to them …or what is in their way of working with you.

The question “Why” is very useful in discovering what’s important to people, what motivates them, what causes them to get up in the morning. I’ve had people rhapsodize in great detail about what turns them on.

When we are talking to people about a problem that has occurred, or some other past experience, it is a different story. In this situation, if you ask the question “Why?” it causes people to become defensive.

You know the results that you get when you ask a teenager “Why”. Those results are similar when we ask “Why” in our business.  Defensiveness! Instead try asking, “What might have caused you to that?”  Or “What did you have in mind when you chose to do that?” You are likely to get a more well-thought-out answer that will serve you well.

Start a question with the word “What”, and see how it changes your business?

And then Listen Louder to you answers!




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