The Clarity Process allows access to action.


My main objective during this methodology process is to help you qualify and quantify the size and scope of your opportunities for growth of your company.  It is during this process that we also explore if there are any opportunities that have been missed or undiscovered.  With this information, together we build a strategic plan that, when implemented, will capitalize on those opportunities. In short we get clear about what you want out of life and business and then design a system to make that happen.


Discovery Interviews

The purpose of this meeting is for me to listen to you,  more importantly to hear you. During the discovery process you share the purpose of your endeavors, your individual and organizational attributes, and the population that you serve.  You will also have an opportunity to describe your goals and objectives, concerns, current strategies, priorities, and timing.  This is an essential first step on the journey that will ultimately lead to more profit and more freedom.

Critical Issue Analysis6347743_ML

At this phase of the project we delve into the “What” and the “Why” of the issues of your company in terms of its ability to grow.  We look into: existing profit margins, customer value, organizational structure, delivery capacity, staffing, new sales, repeat/referral business, cash flow, and the alignment of goals.  This analysis will help us to determine where there may be potential pitfalls in our growth plan and, more importantly, the infrastructure necessary to handle the increased growth that we are targeting.

The Strategic Implementation Plan

All of our projects include moving through an eight-step foundation building process that includes:

  • Accessing individual resourcefulness
  • Evaluating satisfactory with specific components of the participants’s health
  • Completing a transition process regarding any unfinished business
  • identifying and resolving critical issues that might impede the goal to be accomplished
  • Conducting a self recognition process
  • Clarifying the participant’s intention
  • Identifying competencies that require improvement
  • Developing an action plan regarding: Sales, People, and Structures