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Ignorance is not Bliss when it Relates to your Success

Are You Ignorant of Your Success?

Your success may be compared against this story. Meaghan has a business of managing and disposing of environmental waste for other businesses.  As you can imagine her company is flourishing amidst the expanding need from a variety of businesses for her services.  Her major challenge is staffing.  Currently, one man is on military reserve duty, and her most knowledgeable technician is retiring next month.

Today Meaghan reported that her challenges had resolved due to the efforts of her staff.  She says that they stepped up to the challenge in a number of ways.  Most specifically:

·       They did the things that needed to be done to serve the clients without being asked.

·       They held check-in meetings twice a week to ensure that they were on the same page regarding assignments.

Can you identify what is working right in your operations?

When I asked Meaghan, “What caused the staff to become so effective?”, she could not be specific.  Now, Meaghan is a thoughtful person. The next time we meet she will have identified all the big and small things that are working, that are causing her staff to be successful.

It brought to mind that we can be very clear about what is not working in our businesses.  Sometimes it is more challenging to identify what is working when our operations are working.

What are 3 of your success functions that you can identify in your business today? 

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