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How to overcome ambivalent

The Antidote to Ambivalent

Jeff is the owner of an electrical contractor company.  He and his organization are known as the can do, problem solving people. Recently Jeff was hit with an internal problem that caused him to pause. He discovered that a sales manager “Tom” had committed a felony in the past in the industry he now marketed. Most people would have fired Tom on the spot. Another option is to debrief the situation to determine the opportunities, next steps, and lessons learned. Jeff was ambivalent about what he should do. After considerable worry, Jeff sat down with his top managers and addressed the challenge by asking common sense questions.

Can the ambivalence of not making the right decision tear down your business confidence?

They reviewed the facts involved in the Tom’s personal situation and his performance at work.

They listed the accomplishments to date (both big and small) as a result of hiring Tom. They addressed what was working and what was not working both regarding Tom’s performance and the companies various human resource policies. They came up with what was missing in the organization and what was now needed.

With all this information in hand, the team brainstormed about their options and opportunities. They came up with an opportunity that would be a win-win, and formulated the next steps.

Tom was allowed to stay with the company in a different position, and the company continues to do business with the segment of the market that Tom used to serve. The company refine their recruitment and selection process in light of this experience.

Jeff and his team concluded their efforts by identifying the lessons they learned. Their insight was that their company could be both realistic and humane in the way they operated with both clients and staff.

They became a stronger team in a way that honored their core value: to be “can do”, problem-solving people.

When you are ambivalent, what is your first response? How can you change that to find a win–win like Tom?

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