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Give the Customer What They Want

Give the Modern-Day Customer What S/HE Wants!

“‘Give the Lady What She Wants!’ is a famous quote by Marshall Fields, the pioneer Chicago real estate legend. He had it displayed on a sign above his desk in his office in the store he built in 1887.”(furniture world, volume 145 number 2 March/April, 3/24/2015, Joe Capillo) This man knew how to treat a customer.

Our current challenge is building the trust and confidence of modern-day customers, that they will best gain what they need from using our products or services.

Curiosity is the place to start. The more curious we are in our customers perspective, the better we can understand why they might need our product or service. We can start by establishing the kind of relationship with customers that allows us to ask them deeper and deeper questions.

You might say that we begin to forge a customer relationship just by being likable.
And we do that by Taking the Customer’s Perspective. We can emphasize our similarities, complement or show that we appreciate the, or demonstrate that we are working with them to achieve their goal.

When our customers know we are on their side, they allow us to ask questions which better determine their needs.

  • Initial questions help us to determine the results that customers want.
  • Follow-up questions help us to determine what the impact from those results will be for them personally and for their business.

i.e., Adequate savings will allow parents to fund their children’s college education.

When their need is clearly understood, we can effectively present how our product and service will achieve the results and impact they desire. It will allow us to clarify their gain.

  • Present the results and the potential impact of your products and services instead of features and functions.

Ideally, along the way we are building trust and confidence that we are the right organization to deliver exactly what they need. Stories of satisfied customers help in this regard. Examples of how we have met challenging circumstances work as well.

Tell your stories that describe challenging customer needs, the actions you took, and the results that you achieved to satisfy your customer.

The Foundation Blocks for Effective Sales are:

  • Taking your customers perspective
  • Clarify their gain and
  • Building trust and confidence

These are the elements for developing predictable sales and generating stronger results. They provide the structure to Give the Modern-Day Customer What S/HE Wants!

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