entrepreneurs or intrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs or Intrepreneurs

What is the difference between Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs?

In these wild economic times the workers of the world are falling into two categories: Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs.  As you have probably noticed, more people are becoming Entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses.  More precisely these are the people who assume a risk for a reward, to buy and sell enough “stuff” each day at a profit.

At the same time more people are being asked to be Intrepreneurs.  By that I mean that more of us are being asked by employers to assume the mindset of an Entrepreneur inside of a business that we don’t necessarily own.   We are asked to assume some risk to buy and / sell enough “stuff” each day at a profit  in anticipation of a reward, i.e. profit sharing, bonuses, equity, etc.

Are you able to assume the mindset of an entrepreneur in someone else’s business?

If you monitor your business activities against the various elements of this definition of an entrepreneur, you are more likely to make more effective decisions and truly have a business that supports your goals and commitments in life.

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