As a business owner, have you wondered:Business and Team

  • How to maximize the worth of your company?
  • How to transition from day-to-day operation to a purely strategic role?
  • How to motivate your employees from being clock watchers to being team players?

If you have thought about these or other business related transitional questions, you may benefit from a business consultant like me.

I will work with you to transition your role within your organization to one where you can contribute at a strategic level, entrusting the daily workings of the business to your team. This type of transition is ideal for business owners who are ready to take a step back from the daily operation and embrace change in themselves, and in the company they’ve created.

I work with business owners who have already achieved measurable value in the marketplace.  Business and Team 2If you are a business owner who has already achieved success but still desires more, and can answer yes to the following: You have established market potential that matches your desired growth levels.  You already have acquired or have access to the necessary talent and resources needed to scale your business to adequately handle the increased customers. You are open to outside input, the ideas of others, and are willing to try new things.  You are committed to staying true to the strategic plan and trusting your instincts. Beyond the business attributes, it is important that you also have other core elements tor you personality. You respect people, treat them fairly, and have a desire to help others. You have a desire for personal happiness and life balance.  You have the belief in the power of people to accomplish extraordinary things. Most importantly, you are willing to push yourself to evolve personally and professionally as your business grows.

Once we have agreed that we are a good fit to work together, we begin the process.  I prefer to work backwards, that is, I prefer to start with the results that the person wants to accomplish, then our goal is clearly defined from the start. Throughout the process, or journey, we continually keep the goal in sight and measure our progress and how that progress is impacting the client’s work and the client themselves, both professionally and personally.

Working together and using the proven systems and tools that I bring to the table, my clients reach their goals, and accomplish their objectives through focus, hard work, dedication, and commitment.

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Business Advisory

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