Business Advisory provides an outside perspective!

I work with executives, visionary business owners, and entrepreneurs in an advisory capacity to help them to hone their leadership skills and clarify their vision for the growth of their business. Our work together is a collaborative process in which goals are articulated, objectives are set forth, and ambitions are detailed.

Most of my executive client’s objectives fall into one of several categories in which they are desirous to achieve change:  to be a more effective leader; to succeed in a new position;  to find a new position;  to grow their business or division;  to increase clarity and confidence within their business;  to improve communication between themselves and their people;  to gain a promotion; to improve the culture within their company; to increase sales; to manage their business; to manage their sales team more effectively; or to create an entirely new career path.  If you relate to any of these goals or ambitions, then we should have a conversation to explore collaboration.

I provide one-on-one, confidential coaching for senior-level professionals and executives.  I provide the tools, systems, structure, and guidance to enhance organizational performance, organizational development, and communications, to increase your value to yourself and your14369931_ML organization (and deal with those who don’t). Together we will work through dealing with difficult people and situations. I will provide a sounding board and aid you in your strategy for your personal development; to have a reserve of time, energy, money, and freedom to experience fulfillment and success in your professional and personal life.

As your Trusted Advisor we will design a present-centered program of what you and your business want to achieve, how we are going to achieve it, when we are going to achieve it, and all the steps we are going to take in getting there.

Before we begin, you must first review and be prepared to accept the following as well as work hard in order to achieve the goals that you set for yourself and your business.

  • Be willing to change. Shortcuts are never an option; you need to be 100% committed in order for your effort to work.
  • Be open to constructive criticism. This feedback is given in order to help you, and is imperative for improvement. It is always useful to see yourself as others see you.
  • Measure yourself accurately. We explore the insights from those that work for you, looking for honest feedback to better aid you where understand where you stand.
  • You will be required to ask yourself difficult questions about who you are.

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